Useful Squigly Tips From Nuuance

Posted by dennyvuquach on December 9, 2013 at 8:40 PM

Nuuance is probably the most useful contacts I've ever faced in video gaming.  He is one of the Skullgirls player that I played against, and I usually get beaten by him in quick matches.  He's really nice too to me.  In November 14, 2013, I asked him:

"I'm really sorry to bother you, but on your Squigly Assorted Resets video, is it a bad idea to do cross-under with light or medium divekick while I'm playing online? Most of the time, I did the crossup pretty well by using light divekick to perform the cross-under, but it doesn't always work against smart players if I repeat this method. Sometimes, I throw my opponent right after I used light divekick. I want to get better while I'm playing Squigly."

Nuuance replied:


"No problem at all, glad to help. And about resets, something i didn't mention, you can only crossunder w/M Divekick and do the fake one via L Divekick. Works on everyone except double and parasol...but anyways on to your question.


Resets in their very nature are designed to be a risk/reward situation. If they worked all the time, then they wouldn't be resets. It's to reset your combo and stop scaling of combo damage and extending your combos. To think that resets will always work isn't thinking properly about fighting games.


In this psychological batle, the best resets are the unusual/"sudden" ones that are hard to spot coming & the "solid" resets that are very safe to do -- Squigly's resets in general aren't incredibly safe in general, but luckily she has enough to cycle through if you consider them all. In addition, these resets have different effectiveness ratings on different characters & of course different levels of players themselves.


Doing the crossunder is incredibly effective against filias and peacocks for example always because input is switched on them and even if a filia is mashing, if dont correctly, you'r already on the ground while they just mashed a super & out the way ready to capitalize. Against players like's very risky. To be honest, fortune is probably one of the hardest fighters you'll face reset-wise. She has a super in the air, ground, reverse-inputs for supers (level 3 is level 1 reversed so cross-ups might not work great for dive-under if she's at level 3) & worst of all gets knocked very high giving her time to realize whats going on. ANNNDDDD on top of that, her light normals in the air are pretty instead you might have to bait her to do a super and literally launch her up in the air and pause...then maybe do a mk+hk battle opera to catch her in the air. I don't think her level 1 supers are invincible at all, so it should be a good way to scare them.


But anyways, that's just an example.


The main point is to consider your opponent first and foremost along with the time you do these resets in a battle. Doing an overhead is incredibly effective in the beginning of a match. So much so don't even remember the last time it failed....BUT near the middle or end of a match when people are likely to mash might not be such a great idea. same with ground-grab resets (which i need to do more): they're great to do in the beginning, but as the match progresses, their rate of success will continue to drop."

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