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Samsung Galaxy S2

Posted by dennyvuquach on July 31, 2012 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday, I got my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, and I was so happy that I got it. It's my own, first smartphone I've ever had in my life, and I have not regreted once I brought it. While it is not as new as Samsung Galaxy S3, it features blazing fast internet access on T-Mobile, high-resolutionized touch screen, S3 processor with 1.5 gigahertz dual-core central processing units, 16 gigabytes of memory, HD camcorder, etc. I can of course play some video games in my smartphone, such as Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Bejeweled, and more, as well as listening to my favorite music.


I still have my box that also comes with a charger, a USB cable, an SIM card, and a start guide. I read the start guide, and it's really useful by teaching you how to use the smartphone efficiently. The user-replaceable battery lasts pretty long, which gives up to ten hours of heavy usage, or two days of lighter usage. According to Samsung, the smartphone is capable of providing nine hours of talk time on 3G and 18.3 hours on 2.


Before I brought the Samsung Galaxy S2, I was thinking of buying an iPhone, since it allows you to play more games and upload music from iTunes easily, but I now realized that iPhone 4S costs way more than Samsung Galaxy S2. Plus, the internet on the iPhone charges me more than the Android.


One thing I have to deal with it is that I have to take care of it very well, and not let it broke, which is why I also brought the protection case for my smartphone. It costs really expensive for buying a smartphone. I really hope that I can keep it very well and make it last very long. In conclusion, I'm so glad that I got my smartphone yesterday!


Hôm qua, tôi nhận điện thoại Samsung Galaxy S2 của tôi, và tôi đã hạnh phúc vì vậy mà tôi nhận nó. Nó là của riêng tôi, điện thoại thông minh đầu tiên tôi đã từng có trong cuộc sống của tôi, và tôi đã không regreted khi tôi mang nó. Trong khi nó không phải là mới như Samsung Galaxy S3, nó có tính năng lòng đam mê nhanh chóng truy cập internet trên T-Mobile, màn hình cảm ứng high-resolutionized, bộ xử lý S3 với đơn vị xử lý trung tâm lõi kép 1,5 gigahertz, 16 GB bộ nhớ, máy quay phim HD, vv. Tất nhiên, tôi có thể chơi một số trò chơi video trong điện thoại thông minh của tôi, chẳng hạn như cắt dây, trái cây Ninja, Bejeweled, và nhiều hơn nữa, cũng như lắng nghe âm nhạc yêu thích của tôi.


Tôi vẫn còn có những hộp của tôi, mà cũng đi kèm với một bộ sạc, cáp USB, một thẻ SIM và một hướng dẫn bắt đầu. Tôi đọc hướng dẫn bắt đầu, và đó là thực sự hữu ích bằng cách dạy bạn làm thế nào để sử dụng điện thoại thông minh là một cách hiệu quả. Người sử dụng thay thế pin kéo dài khá dài, mà cho đến mười giờ sử dụng nặng, hoặc hai ngày kể từ ngày sử dụng nhẹ hơn. Theo Samsung, điện thoại thông minh là có khả năng cung cấp cho chín giờ thời gian nói chuyện 3 G và 18,3 giờ ngày 2.


Trước khi tôi đưa Samsung Galaxy S2, tôi đã suy nghĩ của việc mua một chiếc iPhone, vì nó cho phép bạn để chơi trò chơi nhiều hơn và tải nhạc từ iTunes dễ dàng, nhưng tôi bây giờ nhận ra rằng iPhone 4 chi phí cách nhiều hơn Samsung Galaxy S2. Ngoài ra, internet trên iPhone phí tôi nhiều hơn Android.


Một điều tôi có thể đối phó với nó là tôi có thể chăm sóc của nó rất tốt, và không để cho nó đã phá vỡ, đó là lý do tại sao tôi cũng mang trường hợp bảo vệ cho điện thoại thông minh của tôi. Chi phí thực sự đắt tiền để mua một điện thoại thông minh. Tôi thực sự hy vọng rằng tôi có thể giữ nó rất tốt và làm cho nó rất dài. Trong kết luận, tôi vui mừng vì vậy mà tôi nhận điện thoại thông minh của tôi ngày hôm qua!

My Weapons In RPGs That I Played

Posted by dennyvuquach on July 10, 2012 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I used to play Diablo II alot when I was young, then years later, I get to play Median XL, which is the mod that enhances the game for Diablo II.  Median XL is one of the best mods I've played for a long time, and I had a really fun time playing it!  I leveled my Paladin and Amazon to 120 in Median XL.


For MapleStory, I've already quit that game after I made this video.  Subscribe to me if you would like.  Here are my weapons from my Median XL characters and my MapleStory characters:



Angel Star (Sacred): 496-1037 Base DMG

Character: Serperior - Level 120 Paladin



Reflex Bow (Sacred): 891-1026 Base DMG

Character: Servine - Level 120 Amazon



VIP One-Handed Axe (Unique): 179 Weapon ATT

Character: SerperiorLuv - Level 200 Demon Slayer



Lionheart Battle Hammer (Legendary): 194 Weapon ATT

Character: SerperiorLuv - Level 200 Demon Slayer



Why I quit MapleStory?

Posted by dennyvuquach on May 9, 2012 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

  The reason why I quit MapleStory is because these days, all it has left is grinding, paying real money to get yourself stronger, and horrible community. Like other Korean MMORPGs, paying real life money on this game just to get stronger is the biggest waste of money I ever spend in my life. The community sucks too, because most of the Maplers are just annoying teens that don't have a life.  It’s much better to spend money on real life stuff than to spend money on MapleStory just to get godly on that game.

Here is my last MapleStory video on my YouTube channel.

My Grandma Passed Away!

Posted by dennyvuquach on April 28, 2012 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

After my grandpa passed away four years ago at the age of 87 (he would have been 91 by now), my grandma passed away at the age of 95 this year! My mom and I went to the funeral to pray for my grandma to be ascended to heaven. We discussed that grandma was a great person, because she took care of us really well, and my mom told me about the history of my grandma.  I felt so disheartening when I saw my grandma over the funeral.

Found my hard drive that had pornography.

Posted by dennyvuquach on March 13, 2011 at 1:43 AM Comments comments (0)

   At night, I founded an extra external hard drive with 279 GB capacity, and it had all kinds of pornography videos inside.  I literally hate pornography, because pornography isn't artistic nude, and I love artistic nude pictures.

  Eventually, I deleted all of the pornography videos, and surprisingly, it took like less than 6 minutes for deleting 247 GB of those videos.  After I deleted them, I added the good TV show videos like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Little House on the Prairie, and Sailor Moon.

Good riddance against those porn videos! 8)

Street Fighter Birthdates

Posted by dennyvuquach on November 11, 2009 at 11:49 PM Comments comments (0)

This is what Cody said in ( It was posted in Oct 27, 2009.


I noticed that the SSFIV site shows the characters' birthdate, but just the month and the day (not the year). I hope they keep down this road and just retcon the dates in a way that you don't have an actual year of birth for the characters, nor an actual year for the Tournaments.

This way they would obtain 4 positive results:

1) The whole saga would not be stuck in the past. I know it worked for Harry Potter, but SF was meant to be a "present day" game, when it came out. Keeping that vibe makes it all more interesting. They may have already done this, if you look at some SF4 and SF3 intros and endings, you see many elements that scream "not 1991"! If a possible SFV is the last game that came out, and it's set "today" (no matter what year you play it), and it has all the characters at more or less their "iconic" age (rather, slightly older than their iconic age, which is still good), it's more juicy than both the "all of that happened in the past" solution and the "let's make all of them look like old people" solution. Not to mention the "their looks clash with their supposed age" solution.

2) You could make the events of SF, FF, SF Alpha2, SF Alpha 3, SF2 and SF4 closer to each other. This would prevent some characters from growing old too early, and fix other discrepancies in characters' age during the various chapters.

3) The same way, you could make the events of SF4 and SF3 closer to each other. This would fix some discrepancies in characters' age and would prevent some characters from growing old too early... especially in the mindset of having a possible SFV set shortly after the events of 3rd Strike. I personally don't really care if the Mel Masters that punches Ken's delicate parts is 4 years old or 2 and a half years old, by then. It could be. Other characters would benefit greatly from this time-shrinking solution.

4) You could just retcon some characters' age to keep them kicking. I'm thinking mainly of the older ones, like Gen, Akuma, Gouken...

5) Since the dates are supposedly such a big problem with making Rival Schools fit into SF's storyline, here's the chance to melt those two universes together.

Oct 26, 2009 -- 12:11AM, True Ryu wrote:

I think they could pull SF3 being canon by saying that, the other SF2/SF4 characters were doing their own thing, its just that you dont see and hear from them in the game. If Chun Li were to have said "Yeah Guiles dead" though, well then you have a real problem.

Oct 26, 2009 -- 2:08AM, Rhuen wrote:

The solution is simple. [...] Street Fighter III was about the Illuminati, so could be thought of as a side event in the series. Gill invited the fighters in it. The world is full of people, we can't assume every strong fighter ends up in the same tournaments. [...] So Gill used a different criteria, plus likely would want to avoid mixing blood with another secret group like Shadaloo and letting his plans be known, so focused on different fighters.

Exactly. The thing about Shadaloo is that, by the time 3rd Strike takes place (and probably 2nd Impact, too), the Illuminati know that "that organization" is dead. This doesn't mean Bison, Vega and Balrog are dead. It just means that Shadaloo has been shut down. And it has. Even S.I.N. has been shut down, thanks to Guile & Co. Whether the Illuminati know or not about the leaders surviving is not important. And the Shadaloo guys were probably too busy rebuilding Shadaloo from scratch to even care at all about Gill's madness (and, probably, they wanted to keep a low profile anyway).

Oct 26, 2009 -- 6:16AM, DarthEnderX wrote:

Street Fighter 1 is as related to Street Fighter 2 as Street Fighter 2 is related to Street Fighter 3. Street Fighter 1 had nothing to do with Shadaloo. And so far, SF1, SF2, SF3, and SF4 have all revolved around tournaments.

Awfully wrong. Bison knew of Ryu because of the SF Tournament. The SF Tournament made a target out of Ryu. Sagat was offered a spot in Shadaloo with the promise he could go and face Ryu again (and soften him up, in Bison's mind), because of what happened in the final match of the SF Tournament. Bison set up the SF2 Tournament because he wanted his enemies in one place, and he got the idea from the SF Tournament (also, he knew that would be a good way to lure Ryu in). That's two chapters of the same story (even though they obviously didn't have all of it in mind when they made the first SF). Oh, and then you have the Alpha series, that further tie SF to SF2 (that's the first time Bison reveals himself as a threat to Ryu and tries to capture him... also you see SF and SF2 characters meeting each other, etc...). SF4 is obviously tied to SF2, with S.I.N., Seth, Bison's return and him saying "I love it when a plan comes together".

SF3:2nd is a totally different story, about Gill having his insane dreams and looking for "worthy fighters". 4 of them were Illuminati, or made by the Illuminati. Half of them were too young to appear in the previous 3 Tournaments. Just 2 of the fighters from the previous Tournaments were in this one (Akuma, like Q, is a wild card, and it seems he never participated in any Tournament). Basically, Ryu and Ken are there because they're famous in the circuit and Gill send an invitation to them, other than to all the other people he was interested in. But they never get drawn into the main story, anyway... they're basically just there.

Here's a list of events and the years they took place in. I found it somewhere, but I'm not 100% sure of all of them. If it's not perfect, it's probably very close:

1981 - Saturday Night Slam Masters

1982 - Saturday Night Slam Masters 2

1987 - Street Fighter / Final Fight

1987/1989 - Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Final Fight 2

1989/1990 - Street Fighter Alpha 3

1991 - Final Fight 3

1993 - Street Fighter 2

1994 - Street Fighter 4

1995 - Super Street Fighter 4

1998 - Street Fighter 3 Second Impact

1999 - Street Fighter 3 Third Strike


Here's what I think they should do with it:

14 YEARS AGO - Saturday Night Slam Masters

13 YEARS AGO - Saturday Night Slam Masters 2

9 YEARS AGO - Street Fighter / Final Fight

8 YEARS AGO - Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Final Fight 2 / Rival Schools: United By Fate

7 YEARS AGO - Street Fighter Alpha 3 / Project Justice

6 YEARS AGO - Street Fighter 2 / Final Fight 3

5 YEARS AGO - Street Fighter 4

4 YEARS AGO - Super Street Fighter 4

2 YEARS AGO - Street Fighter 3 Second Impact

1 YEAR AGO - Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

TODAY - Street Fighter 5*

* “Today” would always concur with the actual real life year. When a sequel would come out, that sequel would become “Today”, Street Fighter 5 would become “1 year ago”, and all the others would slide one year back. The characters would age just 1 year each game.


And here's an example with Ryu:


Ryu: born July 21, 1964

23 years old in Street Fighter

23-25 years old in Street Fighter Alpha 2

25-26 years old in Street Fighter Alpha 3

29 years old in Street Fighter 2

30 years old in Street Fighter 4

31 years old in Super Street Fighter 4

34 years old in Street Fighter 3 Second Impact

35 years old in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

46 years old in 2010



Ryu: born July 21

23 years old in Street Fighter

24 years old in Street Fighter Alpha 2

25 years old in Street Fighter Alpha 3

26 years old in Street Fighter 2

27 years old in Street Fighter 4

28 years old in Super Street Fighter 4

30 years old in Street Fighter 3 Second Impact

31 years old in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

32 years old in Street Fighter 5 (Today)

Darc Requiem replied:

That's the time line I was basing my ages on. Which was why I was so annoyed that Sakura was still her school uniform. She 16 in SFA3. If Chun-li and Cammy can change their default look, there is no reason why a grown woman should be running around in her school uniform as a default look. Sure as her secondary costume but not the primary.

Capcom started removing the years from the birthdates a while back and I think it's for the precise reason you've stated Cody. Even Sakura would be 37 right now. Most of the SF3 cast (Sean, Elena, Ibuku, Makoto) would be 29 to 30 right now. Alex would be about 34.

Most Annoying Thing on Website Ever

Posted by dennyvuquach on July 29, 2009 at 1:58 AM Comments comments (0)

  One of the most annoying things ever on the internet is when you typed the blog for awhile, then all of the sudden, it gets automatically deleted.  This annoys me the most, since I work really hard on typing blogs, then they get deleted without notice.

  Recently, by the time I typed the blog "Video Game Console Fanboys", I took about two hours typing the blog for that, then after that, tells me to log back on, meaning that I logged off without meaning to do so.  The blog wasn't saved at all, giving me the error saying "We're sorry for inconvience," or something.  The blog wasn't saved.  This pisses me off the most, since automatically logs me off, which is also the annoying thing on the web.

  Well, at least I learned that lesson, so next time, I'll just use "Text Documents", so in case I get logged off automatically, I can copy and paste the blogs back, so they won't be deleted.

Video Game Console Fanboys

Posted by dennyvuquach on July 29, 2009 at 1:48 AM Comments comments (0)

Please note that I did this blog twice, since like I described the most annoying thing on the web, my old blog has been deleted automatically for no good, apparent reason.  At least I am doing this blog again!


  As you know, I always hate fanboys, because all they do is to shove down other people's opinions.  They don't deal valid points.  Instead, they just say like "F**k u!!!  bleeech iz awsum!!!!  u dun hav a life!"  They do piss me off to no end.

  One of the worst type of fanboys in my opinion are video game console fanboys.  Why?  Because they try to bash other consoles that they don't own or like.  Not only that, they also started fights over the internet on what console is the best, and they are way too jealous.  They say like "u retardd!!  NESS is da bestt!!  360 sukzzz!"  I don't mind if people don't like NES or 360, but I do love both of those consoles, because they have been sold really well over the countries.  Saying that those consoles need to fail is really sad and miserable, because video games are to be enjoyed, not to broke out.

  Now, if the 360, PS3, and Wii are failing, they won't be sold in the market at all, and no one would buy any of those consoles.  Remember, those consoles are the competition with each other, but not having fanboys wanting all those systems to fail.  In my opinion, if you want failed systems, go play Action Max or Apple Pippin, not the successful consoles that sold millions in the market, even though they have few flaws.

  When I was on YouTube, I watched Jedite1's video "Rant on Video Game Fanboys", and he published a great rant!  Explaining why the consoles to fail is to pointing out that the other industry will be much weaker.  What I don't like is that one console is trying to dominate all other consoles, which makes the company control the whole planet, and that's not what the world meant.  Say for example, if the NES is dominating Xbox 360 in everyway (I watched the video "NES vs. Xbox 360" in Classic Game Room), why would Xbox 360 still being in the market?  I admit that it has Red Rings of Death, which is a common error for Xbox 360, but still, Xbox 360 is supposed to be successful, just like the NES.  I've seen tons of comments saying like "NES is da bestT 2 360 sukx!!!", and they don't give valid reasons on why Xbox 360 is a bad console.  Bunch of NES fanboys always trash talk 360 with no apparent reason whatsoever.  Again, I love both legendary NES and 360, even though both of them have some flaws.

  Well, here is my list of the top twenty favorite consoles: (please don't call me Sega hater)


20)Sega Master System

19)Sega Genesis

18)Sega Game Gear

17)Sega Saturn

16)Sega Dreamcast

15)Atari 2600

14)Nintendo Entertainment System

13)Super Nintendo

12)Nintendo Game Boy Color

11)Nintendo Game Boy Advance


10)Nintendo 64                                     ----- Fifth Generation

9)Sony Playstation                                ----- Fifth Generation

8)Nintendo Gamecube                        ----- Sixth Generation

7)Microsoft Xbox                                    ----- Sixth Generation

6)Sony Playstation 2                             ----- Sixth Generation

5)Nintendo DS                                       ----- Seventh Generation Handheld

4)Sony Playstation Portable                ----- Seventh Generation Handheld

3)Nintendo Wii                                       ----- Seventh Generation

2)Xbox 360                                              ----- Seventh Generation

1)Playstation 3                                        ----- Seventh Generation


  As you know, Playstation 3 is my favorite console ever, and even then, I can't stand PS3 fanboys either.  I play games what I like, not what I feel ignorant about.  Then again, not everyone owns the same console like SNES and saying "SNES iz da bezt consul, nooobz" or something like that.  Of course I talk about consoles here, not PCs.  Good gamers like me always play what they like, including liking all three seventh generation consoles or so, and they give good reasons on why they like something or not.

  Thank you for reading my blog, and good luck playing video games!