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Posted by dennyvuquach on December 22, 2014 at 4:15 AM

I've recently have played Kalista in League of Legends, and I got to say that she's really awesome and fun! To me, she's like the most fun ADC champion I've played, and I have been playing ADC champions like Ashe, Sivir, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Lucian, Jinx, Ezreal, and Twitch. One of the main reasons on why Kalista is so exciting to play is because she can dash a bit after she does a normal attack, thanks to her passive skill, Martial Poise. This can mean that when my opponent tries to escape or so, Kalista can definitely chase and attack her opponent at the same time until her opponent dies. She's also one of the ADC champions that's also very supportive to her ally.

Her "R" skill, which is called Rend, is an ability that fairly resembles as Twitch's Contagion. Rend is an ability that rips Kalista's spears from her enemies, which deals some damage and slows down her enemies. It is her forst priority skill that needs to be maxed, because not only that it does alot of damage after when Kalista throws her spears on her enemies' chests, but it also slows her enemies down, which also helps her killing a champion in an easier, more satisfying way. One of the most interesting factors about Kalista is she has Oathsworn, an item spell that creates the aura that connects from herself to her partner, making her being a great team champion. It also helps her Oathsworn ally to escape using Kalista's ultimate skill, which is called Fate's Call.


Her "Q" skill, which is called Pierce, is also good for poking her enemy champion and to kill off low-health minions, although it can be dodged once her opponent reacts her for using Pierce. It's still an important skill to harass my enemy, particularly when I face another attack damage carry. It's not really that useful to mindlessly use the skill against minions early, because the spear will only continue onward if it scores a kill.

Her "W" skill, which is called Sentinel, is a fantastic ability, because it's basically a free, wandering ward that does seven laps back and forth where Kalista first sends it to help keep her covered in the laning phase or during any point of the game. It is fairly similar to Ashe's Hawkshot, but much more practical in my opinion, and it is especially good to check on . It can prevent ambushes in the late game that could potentially risk her losing as well.

Aesthetically, I find Kalista to be highly appealing, because she resembles herself as a Specter, and she was formerly human, yet she still looks fairly human with turquoise skin with black Maya-like clothes and spears in her chest. Her job is being a Spirit of Vengeance, and she is an eternal spirit of retribution who possesses a cold-burning hatred for all betrayers, similar to the role like Thresh. I also found her voice to be very haunting and really good, and the voice actress who portrayed her have done an excellent job, who is named as Misty Lee.


As for playing her, she shines a lot by gaining enough damage, given that I always set the good item build for her buy purchasing Infinity's Edge, Berserker's Greaves, etc. A great Kalista player should put pressure in the enemy jungle with Sentinels, and she should try to kill good, easy targets. If her Oathbound ally is about to die, she can perform Fate's Call to save him/her from all the damage and debuffs.


Overall, I would say that Kalista is a great ADC champion to me, because she's one of the best kiters, and she can farm minions really easy, meaning that she can last hit the minions to obtain more gold. She also is a very supportive champion for a marksman by having a supportive ultimate skill, which is Fate's Call, and it can keep herself or her Oathsworn ally from getting killed. She's also has a good amount of mobilty, especially when she buys Trinity Force to combine with her passive skill, Martial Poise. I hardly get  bored when I get to play as her, because she's awesome.

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