Ten Tips in the Twisted Treeline

Posted by dennyvuquach on October 20, 2014 at 8:00 PM

I've been playing League of Legends recently, and I've had such a exciting time playing it.  It's one of the MOBA games I really love playing, since I've played Warcraft III, and there are hundreds of champions for me to choose from.  I've only been playing this for a couple of weeks, and I'm already level 28.  One of the maps that I really like playing for PvP is the Twisted Treeline, because it's more simple and fun than playing in the Summoner's Rift in my opinion.

While it's not as simple as the Howling Abyss, since you still have to worry about being ganked on your lane, you mostly just have to worry about the section you're dealing with, though there are no wards available for you to plant inside the bushes, so you might have to use one of your abilities to reveal your enemies.  I've been playing characters like Annie and Sivir for a bit, and I'm having a great time playing that map.  Here are the ten tips of playing in the Twisted Treeline.


1. Altars are extremely important and should be contested for whenever possible! One altar provides +3 gold each time after killing a unit, and two altars provide +10% attack damage and ability power.


2. Mix up your damage. Don't just have 3 AP or 3 AD for a whole team. There are teams who do this kind of method, and when you encounter it, don't hesitate to build armor or magic resist against them early.


3. Have one person at least perform the role of a tank, so your team will be more secure and defensive. A tank should mostly defend ranged champions when your team is in battle.


4. Mix up your ranged and melee instead of having just one damage type on your team. Don't have all melee or all ranged champions. You want to have your team more difficult for your enemies to manage than this.

5. Making it to the inner enemy brush in under 30 seconds can most likely damage your enemy early on. Before doing this, you can click north outside of the Nexus and hit P, then type your build and purchase your first items quickly. After that, return home with any money you have just before minions spawn, then you will typically have enough for at least a potion. If you can even kill your enemy early on, you can also buy Boots of Speed. This can help your early game snowball quite significantly.


6. Map and team awareness can be a good way to focus out the early game. Push the minions past mid, and take your lanes to the jungle to provide extra XP and money. Also, use the ping system, so it will be easier for your team to snowball in the wrong direction that is overextending. Playing safe is vital in the small battlegrounds of the Twisted Treeline.


7. When you're strong enough, practice Vilemaw. He shows up at 10 minutes at the top of the map, and if you can formulate a plan with your teammates, calculate if it is viable to grab whenever possible. After this, recall, spend your money no matter how much it is, and make the most of this buff.


8. After you've just killed your enemies and took a tower, secure altars and clear out some of the jungle sections with your team, then spend your money. Remember, they've just spent their time, and after a loss, they're probably going to be more powerful than you when they return.


9. Make use of the health in the middle section whenever you can. The more you use any timed element of this game, the more effective it turns out being overall. If you notice HP is up, call it out to your team, and watch as your sustain and patience outlast the enemies.


10. Casting smite to clear out monsters in the jungle is viable after level 3. Make sure you do not let your lanes suffer from your absence though. If a lane is having trouble, make sure to prioritize your teammates over all.

Credit to SolidPooh who made these tips.

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