The [email protected] and Love Live!

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The [email protected] is the idol series that was originally released as an arcade in the year 2005 in Japan, and the series has been revamped in 2010 since The [email protected] 2 came out on the consoles. It is the rhythm video game series that feels fairly similar to Project Diva, but it's much more simpler. I've been a huge fan of The [email protected] since 2012, ever since I first started watching Ritsuko Akizuki singing Shiny Smile. At the beginning of 2013, I started becoming a huge fan of the 2011 anime, and it's easily one of the most underrated anime I've ever seen. All of the characters from 765 Pro in The [email protected] are really good, but Hibiki Ganaha is my favorite!


Love Live! is the idol series that was first released the music videos in 2010, which were called "Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life" and "Snow Halation". They have greatly succeeded their music videos, and thus, the anime was born in 2013. I've been a huge fan of Love Live! since 2015, because the idols all look extremely gorgeous. They all have beautiful eyes, and it doesn't hurt either that their voices are really breathtaking. Most of the cast are really awesome, if not all, but my favorite Love Live! idol is Kotori Minami.  She's one of the cutest girls I've ever seen, and I really love her voice in both English and Japanese.  Not to mention she has lots of charisma as well.


I've been watching Love Live! so many times, and I still haven't got tired of it. The animation looks incredibly beautiful, including the CGI segments of the music performances, and the voice acting is phenomenal. Even the English dub of the original Love Live! anime sounds great as well, because of amazing voice actresses, so I wish that the voice actresses with sing the English covers of songs.  Also, the story is simply touching, like Honoka encourages Kotori to get back to Muse before she was about to leave, and they have been best friends ever since they have met when they were little.  The Muse members get to enjoy their efforts to become school idols, and thankfully, they have performed amazingly well at their concerts.  They also had their comedic effects, like when Honoka's face looked stubborn and pissed, and Maki yelled "Stop filming me!" at Nozomi Tojo.


Both of those idol series have been literally successful, and they both are fairly popular in Japan. They feature the idol groups that have lots of enduring characters, as well as their story that are touching and inspiring. They both have a good amount of dramatic, heartbreaking scenes, and they both follow the path to be successful at the end. Both of them also feature their sequel counterparts, which are Cinderella Girls and Sunshine, the sequels of The [email protected] and Love Live!, respectively.  Overall, The [email protected] and Love Live! both rock!  They're my favorite series!

My Top 10 Voice Actors

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  I've been watching cartoons, anime, movies, and video games.  Most of them have voice acting in order to attract viewers and listeners.  There are so many voice actors out in America today, and most of them did a good job on voicing.  However, there are few of the voice actors that I really love.  Some voice actors prefer to portray the shows from another countries rather than from America.  Here are my top ten voice actors in America / Canada:



1 ) Phil LaMarr (from Samurai Jack)

2 ) Erin Fitzgerald (from Skullgirls)

3 ) Scott McNeil (from League of Legends)

4 ) Cristina Valenzuela (from League of Legends)

5 ) Kevin Conroy (from Batman: The Animated Series)

6 ) Mark Hamill (from Batman: The Animated Series)

7 ) Luci Christian (from Princess Tutu)

8 ) Brina Palencia (from Spice and Wolf)

9 ) Michelle Ruff (from Odin Sphere)

10 ) Karen Strassman (from Odin Sphere)




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Hell's Kitchen Rankings

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I've watched every finale of Hell's Kitchen each season, and personally, I think Season 10 has too much drama going on.  There's too much bickering going on with Kimmie, Robyn, and Tiffany, and the men, except for Justin, performed extremely poorly on the services.  It seems that Hell's Kitchen was made for drama, not for actual cooking skills, but hey, it's a reality TV show, and reality TV shows are mostly made for the ratings instead of actual, true talent.


For the winners though, most of the winners are pretty good in my opinion, and they're some of the only talented chefs in Hell's Kitchen.  This is my personal winners ranking list.

Hell's Kitchen winners rankings:


1. Dave Levey

2. Holli Ugalde

3. Heather West

4. Rock Harper

5. Paul Niedermann

6. Nona Sivley

7. Michael Wray

8. Danny Veltri

9. Christina Wilson

10. Christina Machamer