Kalista Overview

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I've recently have played Kalista in League of Legends, and I got to say that she's really awesome and fun! To me, she's like the most fun ADC champion I've played, and I have been playing ADC champions like Ashe, Sivir, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Lucian, Jinx, Ezreal, and Twitch. One of the main reasons on why Kalista is so exciting to play is because she can dash a bit after she does a normal attack, thanks to her passive skill, Martial Poise. This can mean that when my opponent tries to escape or so, Kalista can definitely chase and attack her opponent at the same time until her opponent dies. She's also one of the ADC champions that's also very supportive to her ally.

Her "R" skill, which is called Rend, is an ability that fairly resembles as Twitch's Contagion. Rend is an ability that rips Kalista's spears from her enemies, which deals some damage and slows down her enemies. It is her forst priority skill that needs to be maxed, because not only that it does alot of damage after when Kalista throws her spears on her enemies' chests, but it also slows her enemies down, which also helps her killing a champion in an easier, more satisfying way. One of the most interesting factors about Kalista is she has Oathsworn, an item spell that creates the aura that connects from herself to her partner, making her being a great team champion. It also helps her Oathsworn ally to escape using Kalista's ultimate skill, which is called Fate's Call.


Her "Q" skill, which is called Pierce, is also good for poking her enemy champion and to kill off low-health minions, although it can be dodged once her opponent reacts her for using Pierce. It's still an important skill to harass my enemy, particularly when I face another attack damage carry. It's not really that useful to mindlessly use the skill against minions early, because the spear will only continue onward if it scores a kill.

Her "W" skill, which is called Sentinel, is a fantastic ability, because it's basically a free, wandering ward that does seven laps back and forth where Kalista first sends it to help keep her covered in the laning phase or during any point of the game. It is fairly similar to Ashe's Hawkshot, but much more practical in my opinion, and it is especially good to check on . It can prevent ambushes in the late game that could potentially risk her losing as well.

Aesthetically, I find Kalista to be highly appealing, because she resembles herself as a Specter, and she was formerly human, yet she still looks fairly human with turquoise skin with black Maya-like clothes and spears in her chest. Her job is being a Spirit of Vengeance, and she is an eternal spirit of retribution who possesses a cold-burning hatred for all betrayers, similar to the role like Thresh. I also found her voice to be very haunting and really good, and the voice actress who portrayed her have done an excellent job, who is named as Misty Lee.


As for playing her, she shines a lot by gaining enough damage, given that I always set the good item build for her buy purchasing Infinity's Edge, Berserker's Greaves, etc. A great Kalista player should put pressure in the enemy jungle with Sentinels, and she should try to kill good, easy targets. If her Oathbound ally is about to die, she can perform Fate's Call to save him/her from all the damage and debuffs.


Overall, I would say that Kalista is a great ADC champion to me, because she's one of the best kiters, and she can farm minions really easy, meaning that she can last hit the minions to obtain more gold. She also is a very supportive champion for a marksman by having a supportive ultimate skill, which is Fate's Call, and it can keep herself or her Oathsworn ally from getting killed. She's also has a good amount of mobilty, especially when she buys Trinity Force to combine with her passive skill, Martial Poise. I hardly get  bored when I get to play as her, because she's awesome.

Ten Tips in the Twisted Treeline

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I've been playing League of Legends recently, and I've had such a exciting time playing it.  It's one of the MOBA games I really love playing, since I've played Warcraft III, and there are hundreds of champions for me to choose from.  I've only been playing this for a couple of weeks, and I'm already level 28.  One of the maps that I really like playing for PvP is the Twisted Treeline, because it's more simple and fun than playing in the Summoner's Rift in my opinion.

While it's not as simple as the Howling Abyss, since you still have to worry about being ganked on your lane, you mostly just have to worry about the section you're dealing with, though there are no wards available for you to plant inside the bushes, so you might have to use one of your abilities to reveal your enemies.  I've been playing characters like Annie and Sivir for a bit, and I'm having a great time playing that map.  Here are the ten tips of playing in the Twisted Treeline.


1. Altars are extremely important and should be contested for whenever possible! One altar provides +3 gold each time after killing a unit, and two altars provide +10% attack damage and ability power.


2. Mix up your damage. Don't just have 3 AP or 3 AD for a whole team. There are teams who do this kind of method, and when you encounter it, don't hesitate to build armor or magic resist against them early.


3. Have one person at least perform the role of a tank, so your team will be more secure and defensive. A tank should mostly defend ranged champions when your team is in battle.


4. Mix up your ranged and melee instead of having just one damage type on your team. Don't have all melee or all ranged champions. You want to have your team more difficult for your enemies to manage than this.

5. Making it to the inner enemy brush in under 30 seconds can most likely damage your enemy early on. Before doing this, you can click north outside of the Nexus and hit P, then type your build and purchase your first items quickly. After that, return home with any money you have just before minions spawn, then you will typically have enough for at least a potion. If you can even kill your enemy early on, you can also buy Boots of Speed. This can help your early game snowball quite significantly.


6. Map and team awareness can be a good way to focus out the early game. Push the minions past mid, and take your lanes to the jungle to provide extra XP and money. Also, use the ping system, so it will be easier for your team to snowball in the wrong direction that is overextending. Playing safe is vital in the small battlegrounds of the Twisted Treeline.


7. When you're strong enough, practice Vilemaw. He shows up at 10 minutes at the top of the map, and if you can formulate a plan with your teammates, calculate if it is viable to grab whenever possible. After this, recall, spend your money no matter how much it is, and make the most of this buff.


8. After you've just killed your enemies and took a tower, secure altars and clear out some of the jungle sections with your team, then spend your money. Remember, they've just spent their time, and after a loss, they're probably going to be more powerful than you when they return.


9. Make use of the health in the middle section whenever you can. The more you use any timed element of this game, the more effective it turns out being overall. If you notice HP is up, call it out to your team, and watch as your sustain and patience outlast the enemies.


10. Casting smite to clear out monsters in the jungle is viable after level 3. Make sure you do not let your lanes suffer from your absence though. If a lane is having trouble, make sure to prioritize your teammates over all.

Credit to SolidPooh who made these tips.

Useful Squigly Tips From Nuuance

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Nuuance is probably the most useful contacts I've ever faced in video gaming.  He is one of the Skullgirls player that I played against, and I usually get beaten by him in quick matches.  He's really nice too to me.  In November 14, 2013, I asked him:

"I'm really sorry to bother you, but on your Squigly Assorted Resets video, is it a bad idea to do cross-under with light or medium divekick while I'm playing online? Most of the time, I did the crossup pretty well by using light divekick to perform the cross-under, but it doesn't always work against smart players if I repeat this method. Sometimes, I throw my opponent right after I used light divekick. I want to get better while I'm playing Squigly."

Nuuance replied:


"No problem at all, glad to help. And about resets, something i didn't mention, you can only crossunder w/M Divekick and do the fake one via L Divekick. Works on everyone except double and parasol...but anyways on to your question.


Resets in their very nature are designed to be a risk/reward situation. If they worked all the time, then they wouldn't be resets. It's to reset your combo and stop scaling of combo damage and extending your combos. To think that resets will always work isn't thinking properly about fighting games.


In this psychological batle, the best resets are the unusual/"sudden" ones that are hard to spot coming & the "solid" resets that are very safe to do -- Squigly's resets in general aren't incredibly safe in general, but luckily she has enough to cycle through if you consider them all. In addition, these resets have different effectiveness ratings on different characters & of course different levels of players themselves.


Doing the crossunder is incredibly effective against filias and peacocks for example always because input is switched on them and even if a filia is mashing, if dont correctly, you'r already on the ground while they just mashed a super & out the way ready to capitalize. Against players like's very risky. To be honest, fortune is probably one of the hardest fighters you'll face reset-wise. She has a super in the air, ground, reverse-inputs for supers (level 3 is level 1 reversed so cross-ups might not work great for dive-under if she's at level 3) & worst of all gets knocked very high giving her time to realize whats going on. ANNNDDDD on top of that, her light normals in the air are pretty instead you might have to bait her to do a super and literally launch her up in the air and pause...then maybe do a mk+hk battle opera to catch her in the air. I don't think her level 1 supers are invincible at all, so it should be a good way to scare them.


But anyways, that's just an example.


The main point is to consider your opponent first and foremost along with the time you do these resets in a battle. Doing an overhead is incredibly effective in the beginning of a match. So much so don't even remember the last time it failed....BUT near the middle or end of a match when people are likely to mash might not be such a great idea. same with ground-grab resets (which i need to do more): they're great to do in the beginning, but as the match progresses, their rate of success will continue to drop."

Hell's Kitchen Rankings

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I've watched every finale of Hell's Kitchen each season, and personally, I think Season 10 has too much drama going on.  There's too much bickering going on with Kimmie, Robyn, and Tiffany, and the men, except for Justin, performed extremely poorly on the services.  It seems that Hell's Kitchen was made for drama, not for actual cooking skills, but hey, it's a reality TV show, and reality TV shows are mostly made for the ratings instead of actual, true talent.


For the winners though, most of the winners are pretty good in my opinion, and they're some of the only talented chefs in Hell's Kitchen.  This is my personal winners ranking list.

Hell's Kitchen winners rankings:


1. Dave Levey

2. Holli Ugalde

3. Heather West

4. Rock Harper

5. Paul Niedermann

6. Nona Sivley

7. Michael Wray

8. Danny Veltri

9. Christina Wilson

10. Christina Machamer

Local vs. Online Gaming

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Personally, I find online gaming to be pretty boring and dreadful nowadays, since playing with people who live far away with me isn't being very social.  In fact, playing online requires me to deal with the people that I don't know at all, wheather they could be nice, or they could be very rude and obnoxious.  Not to mention, online gaming can be laggy, even if you have a decent internet connection.  If I want to play in multiplayer, I would rather play with real people who live next to me, and most of the time, I play games in single player.


Back in the 90s, I used to play video games with my family and friends.  I remember the time when my sister and I played GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64, and we were laughing and having a great time together.  She and I had a pleasant feeling when we were playing that game in split screen, and we didn't have any lag or serious bickering.  That's called local gaming, where my sister and I sat next to each other, and those were the good times I've had in video gaming.


Nowadays, since online gaming has been taking over video gaming in general, local gaming has been getting stale for long compared to online gaming.  To be honest, online gaming may be convenient for playing in multiplayer, but I think local gaming feels more like a mutliplayer to me than online gaming.  Online gaming feels like you're playing some A.I., whether the games could be strategy or fighting, but local gaming seems like real gaming for a multiplayer in my opinion.


In conclusion, local gaming is better than online gaming because at least you don’t have to deal with high latency or discrimination with other players you don't know.




Cá nhân, tôi tìm thấy chơi game trực tuyến để khá nhàm chán và đáng sợ ngày nay, kể từ khi chơi với những người sống xa với tôi không phải là đang rất xã hội. Trong thực tế, chơi trực tuyến yêu cầu tôi để đối phó với những người mà tôi không biết ở tất cả, họ có thể được tốt đẹp, hoặc họ có thể là rất thô lỗ và có nghĩa là. Không phải đề cập đến, chơi game trực tuyến có thể được tụt hậu, thậm chí nếu bạn có một kết nối internet Phong Nha. Nếu tôi muốn chơi trong nhiều, tôi sẽ thay vì chơi với những người thực sự những người sống bên cạnh tôi, và hầu hết thời gian, tôi chơi trò chơi cầu thủ duy nhất.


Quay lại trong những năm 90, tôi sử dụng để chơi trò chơi với gia đình và bạn bè của tôi. Tôi nhớ thời gian khi chị em tôi và tôi chơi GoldenEye 007 trên Nintendo 64, và chúng tôi đã cười và có một thời gian tuyệt vời với nhau. Cô và tôi đã có một cảm giác dễ chịu khi chúng tôi đang chơi trò chơi mà trong phân chia màn hình, và chúng tôi không có bất kỳ tụt hậu hoặc nghiêm trọng bickering. Mà được gọi là địa phương chơi game, nơi chị em tôi và tôi ngồi bên cạnh mỗi khác, và những người đã là lần tốt tôi đã có trong video game.


Ngày nay, kể từ khi chơi game trực tuyến đã tham gia trong video game nói chung, chơi game địa phương đã được nhận được cũ cho lâu dài so với chơi game trực tuyến. Để được trung thực, chơi game trực tuyến có thể được thuận tiện cho chơi trong nhiều, nhưng tôi nghĩ rằng địa phương game cảm thấy giống như một mutliplayer với tôi hơn chơi game trực tuyến. Chơi game trực tuyến cảm thấy như bạn đang chơi một số A.I., cho dù các trò chơi có thể là chiến lược hoặc chiến đấu, nhưng chơi game địa phương có vẻ như chơi game thật sự cho một nhiều ý kiến của tôi.


Trong kết luận, chơi game địa phương là tốt hơn chơi game trực tuyến bởi vì ít bạn không cần phải đối phó với độ trễ cao hoặc phân biệt đối xử với người chơi khác bạn không biết.

My Weapons In RPGs That I Played

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I used to play Diablo II alot when I was young, then years later, I get to play Median XL, which is the mod that enhances the game for Diablo II.  Median XL is one of the best mods I've played for a long time, and I had a really fun time playing it!  I leveled my Paladin and Amazon to 120 in Median XL.


For MapleStory, I've already quit that game after I made this video.  Subscribe to me if you would like.  Here are my weapons from my Median XL characters and my MapleStory characters:



Angel Star (Sacred): 496-1037 Base DMG

Character: Serperior - Level 120 Paladin



Reflex Bow (Sacred): 891-1026 Base DMG

Character: Servine - Level 120 Amazon



VIP One-Handed Axe (Unique): 179 Weapon ATT

Character: SerperiorLuv - Level 200 Demon Slayer



Lionheart Battle Hammer (Legendary): 194 Weapon ATT

Character: SerperiorLuv - Level 200 Demon Slayer



Video Game Console Fanboys

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Please note that I did this blog twice, since like I described the most annoying thing on the web, my old blog has been deleted automatically for no good, apparent reason.  At least I am doing this blog again!


  As you know, I always hate fanboys, because all they do is to shove down other people's opinions.  They don't deal valid points.  Instead, they just say like "F**k u!!!  bleeech iz awsum!!!!  u dun hav a life!"  They do piss me off to no end.

  One of the worst type of fanboys in my opinion are video game console fanboys.  Why?  Because they try to bash other consoles that they don't own or like.  Not only that, they also started fights over the internet on what console is the best, and they are way too jealous.  They say like "u retardd!!  NESS is da bestt!!  360 sukzzz!"  I don't mind if people don't like NES or 360, but I do love both of those consoles, because they have been sold really well over the countries.  Saying that those consoles need to fail is really sad and miserable, because video games are to be enjoyed, not to broke out.

  Now, if the 360, PS3, and Wii are failing, they won't be sold in the market at all, and no one would buy any of those consoles.  Remember, those consoles are the competition with each other, but not having fanboys wanting all those systems to fail.  In my opinion, if you want failed systems, go play Action Max or Apple Pippin, not the successful consoles that sold millions in the market, even though they have few flaws.

  When I was on YouTube, I watched Jedite1's video "Rant on Video Game Fanboys", and he published a great rant!  Explaining why the consoles to fail is to pointing out that the other industry will be much weaker.  What I don't like is that one console is trying to dominate all other consoles, which makes the company control the whole planet, and that's not what the world meant.  Say for example, if the NES is dominating Xbox 360 in everyway (I watched the video "NES vs. Xbox 360" in Classic Game Room), why would Xbox 360 still being in the market?  I admit that it has Red Rings of Death, which is a common error for Xbox 360, but still, Xbox 360 is supposed to be successful, just like the NES.  I've seen tons of comments saying like "NES is da bestT 2 360 sukx!!!", and they don't give valid reasons on why Xbox 360 is a bad console.  Bunch of NES fanboys always trash talk 360 with no apparent reason whatsoever.  Again, I love both legendary NES and 360, even though both of them have some flaws.

  Well, here is my list of the top twenty favorite consoles: (please don't call me Sega hater)


20)Sega Master System

19)Sega Genesis

18)Sega Game Gear

17)Sega Saturn

16)Sega Dreamcast

15)Atari 2600

14)Nintendo Entertainment System

13)Super Nintendo

12)Nintendo Game Boy Color

11)Nintendo Game Boy Advance


10)Nintendo 64                                     ----- Fifth Generation

9)Sony Playstation                                ----- Fifth Generation

8)Nintendo Gamecube                        ----- Sixth Generation

7)Microsoft Xbox                                    ----- Sixth Generation

6)Sony Playstation 2                             ----- Sixth Generation

5)Nintendo DS                                       ----- Seventh Generation Handheld

4)Sony Playstation Portable                ----- Seventh Generation Handheld

3)Nintendo Wii                                       ----- Seventh Generation

2)Xbox 360                                              ----- Seventh Generation

1)Playstation 3                                        ----- Seventh Generation


  As you know, Playstation 3 is my favorite console ever, and even then, I can't stand PS3 fanboys either.  I play games what I like, not what I feel ignorant about.  Then again, not everyone owns the same console like SNES and saying "SNES iz da bezt consul, nooobz" or something like that.  Of course I talk about consoles here, not PCs.  Good gamers like me always play what they like, including liking all three seventh generation consoles or so, and they give good reasons on why they like something or not.

  Thank you for reading my blog, and good luck playing video games!