About Me

Hello, and welcome to my website.  My real name is Denny, and I like to watch anime/cartoons, play video games, exercise, and reading books.  I also like to go out with my family and friends at shopping.  I love listening to good music, whether it is rock, pop, new age, video games, etc., and I have over 2000 songs in my iTunes.





Generally, I play Skullgirls, Doom, Total Annihilation, League of Legends, Project Diva, and some shoot'em ups like R-Type Delta.  I also do some other stuff like watching shows, cleaning up my room, listening to the music, and exercising.  I personally love to go to the conventions if there is one nearly, and I can spare some money for going in, and I love meeting with some good people.  My favorite type of animal is Siberian Husky.

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